About JISC Services Communications Group


To develop a professional communications and marketing culture through shared experiences and up-skilling workshops.

Terms of Reference

To encourage and support JISC Services to align their communications and marketing plans and activities with the JISC Executive strategy and Services Portfolio communications and marketing strategy.

To enable a deeper and clearer understanding of the Communications and Marketing activities of the Services and JISC.

To foster channels of communication and encourage feedback and experiences within the group.

To discuss broader issues of relevance to JISC funded services and the JISC Services Outreach group.

To support the development of Communications and Marketing expertise across JISC and its Services


Joint chairs

Dicky Maidment-Otlet
Russell Nelson


Ylva Berglund
Andrew Bevan, EDINA
Mary Burslem
Jane Charlton
Peter Cleall
Michael Dodds
Katherine Eade
Maryse Fisher
Jenny Hall
Sara Hassan
Gerard Hayes
Paul Hollins
John Kelly
Nadya Labib
Anne McCombe
Brian Mitchell
Malcolm Moffat
Hetesh MORAR
Will Murray
Alicja Nieborak
Sarah Price
John Robinson
Andrew Tavener
Penny Windebank
Shirley Wood