Skills day 2008: an event manager’s tool bag

Grace Porter – JISC

Download Grace’s presentation as a PDF:
Grace Porter: an event manager’s tool bag

Download Grace’s sample budget (Excel spreadsheet)
One day event sample budget

I’m an Events Coordinator so help to manage and coordinate the range of JISC events including the biggest, the JISC conference. Also provide advice and guidance to the executive and the wider JISC community.

There are lots of you here that do know what you’re doing but I’m going to show you my virtual toolbag. It’s online and designed for everybody so everybody here can access the wiki and my toolbag and contribute to it aswell.

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Skills day 2008: organise your way to success

Wendy Salmon – JANET

Wendy SalmonDownload Wendy’s presentation as a PDF:
Organise Your Way to Success by Wendy Salmon

Download Wendy’s Sample List of Event Tasks (Word)
Sample List of Event Tasks

The last time I stood up in front of a group of people I used to ask people if they’d washed their hands and if they’d turned their ovens on…Old habits die hard but I have managed 12 years at JANET UK without having to do a presentation at all so now have much more sympathy with our speakers.

I came from a background of teaching and took time out for a singing career then time to get a proper job and thought the job at JANET would be a good way of combining skills of teaching and organising skills.

Easy to be daunted by the prospect of organising events but whatever I say today can be scaled up or scaled down and adapted.

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Skills day 2008: welcome

Penny Windebank and Dicky Maidment-Otlet – Chair of JISC M & C Forum

Penny Windebank welcomed the delegates and provided some background on the JISC Services marketing and communication forum. The forum is made up of a membership of representatives from JISC and Services. Meet 4 times a year and objective is to look at opportunities where Services can engage with each other. All Services should be represented by somebody. If not, talk to Penny or Dicky.

The Forum discussed what to do for this Skills day and a number of suggestions were put forward. Decided on Event Management as an opportunity to share skills and experiences and look from a very traditional perspective to more innovative areas.

Invite all to share thoughts and experiences on the blog and to participate in the ‘pain and gains’ panel. Hector will be doing a pod and vodcast surgery over the lunch hour and all are invited.

Dicky thanked the delegates for coming. The things we are talking about are all things that Service people felt we should talk about and although presenting things to you, we welcome feedback during the day and after the event about how you do things and how to do better. Not giving the ‘correct’ template but asking people to tell us how they do things. Great to get people like Grace and Wendy who are usually on the other side of the fence being in the hot seat as presenters.

Hector also runs all the JISC blogs and wikis and all the JISC blogs are available and been through lots of trials and all running very well. For an example of a very good one, look at the Digitisation blog. To find out more, see Hector at lunchtime.

Skills day 2008: win a Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player

Trevor Baylis Eco Media PlayerAll the Skills day sessions will be live blogged here – and we hope you’ll be adding to the discussion during the day (and beyond) using the comment function below each post. Share your thoughts on the day and you could go home with a Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player. It’s a wind-up digital media player that not only plays music, video and fm radio, but also functions as a torch, sound recorder, photo viewer, mobile phone charger, ebook viewer and data storage device.

To be in with a chance of winning, add to the blog during the day – the prize will be awarded to the “most interesting and relevant blog item” and presented to the winner at 16.45.

Skills day 2008: Illuminating Event Management

spotlight on event chairsThis event will be held at the Oxford Said Business School on 25 September 2008. It will bring together JISC Services, Programmes and Executive to explore all aspects of Event Management, from traditional “Dressing a Stand” through to new and novel methods such as using web 2.0 to enhance your event.

This event is aimed at JISC Services and has been developed by the JISC Services Marketing and Communications working group; a group made up of JISC Executive and JISC Services staff interested in improving our communications and marketing skills.

It will explore Event Management: Do’s and Don’ts, Visual impact, Working a Stand, Evaluation and Feedback, Novel environments and more…

The day’s discussions will be live blogged right here and the presentations will also be available on this blog.

For more information on the day and to book your place, take a look at the Skills Day Page