Skills Day 2008

Illuminating event management: 25 September 2008, Oxford Said Business School, 9.30am-5pm

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Workshop outline
This workshop will explore all aspects of Event Management, from traditional “Dressing a Stand” through to new and novel methods such as using web 2.0 to enhance your event. This event is aimed at JISC Services and has been developed by the JISC Services Marketing and Communications working group; a group made up of JISC Executive and JISC Services staff interested in improving our communications and marketing skills.It will explore Event Management: Do’s and Don’ts, Visual impact, Working a Stand, Evaluation and Feedback, Novel environments and more…

Full programme
Download the full programme (Powerpoint):
JISC Services skills day 2008 programme (ppt) v2.0

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The workshop will be a full day event commencing at 09:30 with Registration and Coffee and finishing at 17:00, with an opportunity for staff engagement.

VenueJISC Services skills day 2008 programme (ppt) v2.0
The event will be held at the Oxford Said Business School
Virtual tour of the venue
Travel information: How to get to the Oxford Said Business School by road and rail.

The event is free of charge to attend and open to members of JISC Services, JISC Programmes and the JISC Executive only.

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Information and contact
For more information about the day or the Services Marketing and Communications Working group please contact Penny Windebank (JISCmail), or Dicky Maidment-Otlet (JISC).